This is where you manage your models. Any model that you install here will be private by default, available to only and all your machines in a private volume.

There might be extra models outside of whats in your storage and this is from our “public” Volume where we share some “good to have models” accessible to all

Installing models

To Install models you can choose to use 3 options

  • Add from ComfyUI Manager (Reccomended)
  • Civitai (Reccomended)
  • Raw link (Advanced)

ComfyUI Manager

If you installed your model using ComfyUI Manager, we reccomend that you use this option. This is because this creates reproducible behavior with your local system and your custom nodes.


If your model is hosted on civitai, you can search for the name using the Civitai dropdown, if you do that we’ll figure out the model type based on what it is on Civitai.

Any link that downloads a model you’re free to use here, but you will have to select your model type!